About our Docs

We believe that Vertabelo's intuitive design lets you get started with designing databases right away without poring over pages of documentation. This documentation covers mostly fundamental topics. To start reading our docs see the list of the articles on the left side of the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Knowledge base section.

If you have any questions or ideas not covered here or in the FAQ, visit the homepage of the Support website, and post your question there. You may do it privately – we won't tell anyone! 😉

Database modeling tips for Vertabelo users

Check out our tips we've prepared on our blog:

  1. How to move a column up or down
  2. Use keyboard shortcuts in Vertabelo!
  3. How to copy tables between models
  4. How to make a column unique
  5. How to quote table names in generated SQL script
  6. How to create a multicolumn primary key
  7. How to include comments in SQL script
  8. How to name a primary key
  9. How to create multiple references between two tables
  10. How to use a data type that isn't listed in the data types panel
  11. Vertabelo reports that my data type is not supported. What can I do?
  12. The quickest possible way to create a new column
  13. How to export selected tables as an image
  14. How to create a model preview link and embed the model in a website
  15. How to visually group tables and organize large database models using subject areas
  16. Can I put the same table in the diagram twice?
  17. Drag a table from the navigation tree and drop it in your diagram to create a shortcut
  18. How to display all references between two tables
  19. How to automatically download SQL script from Vertabelo
  20. How to configure Vertabelo printouts
  21. How to quickly find a table in a diagram
  22. How to identify problems with my model
  23. How to create a reference to an alternate key
  24. How to name a version of the model

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