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Tip #22 – How to identify problems with my model

Vertabelo has a built-in mechanism of live validation that checks your model all the time and gives you hints on how to improve it. Every error, warning or tip is flagged by a dedicated icon that you cannot fail to notice.

Within your workspace, the problems are indicated in two places. In the left panel you can review all problems found in your model, while on the right side you’ve got information on problems detected in the currently selected object only.

Take a look at the left panel. If there are any warnings that you should pay attention to, special icons will appear on the model structure tree, moreover, the bottom “Problems” bar will become orange:

Click “Problems” in the bottom left corner to expand this panel and review a detailed list of all problems detected in your database model:

On the right panel, problems with the currently selected element are shown. Just select any object, e.g., a table, and check out if there is a problem you should solve:

Clicking on a specific problem will immediately move you to its source. For example, let’s click on the “Column name can’t be empty” error:

As you can see, the cursor has moved to the column name text field, so we can type a name for the column and solve the issue immediately. When it is done, the number of reported problems decreased:

Let’s try again with “Table name is not unique” errors:

Now, we got moved to the table name text field, so we can change the table’s name and solve this problem at once.

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