Drive view

The Drive view is the starting point for every Vertabelo user avaliable at after logging in. The top bar will get you to various places. Let's take a look at it.

Top Bar

Top bar consists of:

  1. The logo and the Documents button that will get you to the Drive View.
  2. My account navigates to current account and subscription details.
  3. Help lets you to browse through documentation and other resources.
  4. Your name and optionally company name.
  5. Notification drawer (you may change your notification preferences there).
  6. Log out button.

List of models

Your models are living in your drive. They can be placed loosly or you may organize them within folders.

Drive view

In the left panel you'll find the tree structure of your drive under My Vertabelo. In Shared you'll find all models that were shared by someone else with you. Recent models will let you start where you left off, and Trash will allow you to recover accidentaly deleted models.

Select a model to see more information about the model: 3 tabs in the right panel will show up: Activity, Details, and Versions.

If you want to preview how the model was changing, click on the eye icon in the top bar. You may do it also by right-clicking on it and picking the Preview option from the context menu.

Context menu

In the context menu, you'll also find these options:

  • Download will let you quickly download XML files for sharing.
  • Share... will show a pop-up with sharing options. Read more here.
  • Publish to the Web... will bring up a pop-up that will let you generate the link and code for embeding the model, e.g., on your blog.
  • ... and more that are self-explanatory.

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