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Tip #15 – How to visually group tables and organize large database models using subject areas

Large models often happen to be quite messy. Using subject areas, you can improve the readability of your model and make it easier to work with. The idea behind subject areas is to group tables inside them according to their purposes – it allows you to create some logical structure in your model and makes navigation through it more natural.

Open your database model in Vertabelo:

To create a subject area, choose Add new area from the toolbox or press 7 on your keyboard:

Surround the desired elements with the subject area:

In the Subject area properties panel on the right, you can change the area’s name:

Here, in the Format section, you can add some colors to your new subject area:

Now, your new subject area called Products is finished:

Subject areas combined with shortcut tables makes your model much more organized:

Thanks to subject areas, navigation using the Model structure panel gets more efficient too:

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