SQL Files

How to store SQL files in Vertabelo?

There are two ways: either you can upload a .sql file or you may save it from the model.

Uploading SQL file

Open your drive, and click on the Upload SQL scripts button.

Upload SQL scripts button

Select the file from your device. Remember that you can drag-n-drop the file onto the Choose file button (it works not only in Vertabelo 😉).

Upload SQL scripts pop-up

Saving from the model

When you're happy with your model, and you want to save it, click on the SQL file icon, and click on the GENERATE button.

Generate SQL Scrips pop-up with the GENERATE button

... change the name if you need, and click on the Save button.

Save button

If you decide on the same name as earlier a new file will be created because we don't support versioning of SQL scripts.

What you can do with files?

The same things as with the models! (Except for versioning.) You may do these actions with your files: share, copy, move, delete, rename, etc.

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