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24 Database Modeling Tips for Vertabelo

Would you like to make your database modeling faster and more convenient? Of course you would! One way to achieve this is to learn your database modeling tool’s keyboard shortcuts. To check them when working in Vertabelo, press Ctrl + I.

Press Ctrl + I to get the list of keyboard shortcuts in Vertabelo

Our favourite Vertabelo shortcuts

Down arrow in the Columns section

Did you know that you can move between columns in your table using arrow keys?

Use the 'Down' arrow to move to the next column

Use the 'Down' arrow to move to the next field

Use the 'Up' arrow to move to the previous column

Use the 'Left' arrow to move to the previous field

What’s more, if your cursor is on the last column, pressing the Down arrow will create a new column. Want to know more? Go to our Tip #12.

Ctrl + M

Switching from diagram to model details can also be done using only your keyboard. Instead of clicking Model details in Model options, just press Ctrl + M.

Press Ctrl + M to switch from diagram to 'Model details'

Selecting, copying, cutting and pasting

You can manage elements of your model using similar keyboard shortcuts as in text editors.

If you want to select more than one database object, just use Ctrl + Click:

Using Ctrl + Click you can add new elements to your current selection

To copy selected elements, press Ctrl + C, or to cut them press Ctrl + X. Paste them in a desired place (even in a different model) using Ctrl + V.

Press Ctrl + C to copy selected objects, and then Ctrl + V to paste them

You can select and copy desired tables, as well as references between them:

You can copy and paste selected tables together with references between them

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