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Tip #14 – How to create a model preview link and embed the model in a website

When it comes to sharing things like documents or photos with other people, sending files to each other is becoming less and less common – we usually prefer to send links. They are quick, convenient and neither use up disk space nor make a mess in our file system. At Vertabelo, we know how inconvenient it can be to send files and that’s why we created public links for models.

To create a model preview link, go to the Model details panel. If you are working on a diagram, we encourage you to use the Ctrl + M shortcut for that:

In the Model details panel, find the Public link section and click Create to set up a link:

Now, your public link is created:

You can copy the link and share it with others! Each person having the link will be able to preview your model in a browser.

Keep in mind that the preview in the link is changing with your model, so you don’t have to generate a new model preview link for every change you make.

Below the link, you can also find the code which allows you to embed the model in your website:

With an iframe, you can use your database model as an illustration for your blog article.

Just copy the code:

and place it in your website:

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