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Tip #20 – How to configure Vertabelo printouts

Sometimes you may want to export your database model to a PDF file, especially for documentation purposes. It often happens that your diagram is larger than the default page size set in Vertabelo. If that's the case, you should configure the printout options in the Format section.

Make sure that no element in your diagram is selected. Go to the Model properties panel on the right and expand the Format section which provides some basic formatting parameters. Here you can configure the page size, orientation or margins of your printout:

Check the Show grid on diagram option to see how your database model will be divided into the printout pages:

The grid is displayed in the background of the diagram:

The grid lines show how your model will be divided into separated pages for printout, according to the page size set in the properties.

Zooming out reveals that your diagram will be printed on 6 pages. Unfortunately, some tables will be split into pieces and placed on separate printouts:

This needs some improvements. Let’s start with better adjusting the model’s position to the grid.

Select the entire diagram (by clicking Ctrl + A) and drag it to the nearest intersection of the grid:

As you can see, you managed to reduce the number of printouts to 4 pages. However, you’d prefer your PDF to have not more than 2 pages. Besides, there are still some database objects that would be split between pages in the printout.

If you don’t want to redesign your model, you can try to increase the page size:

The grid was rescaled according to the new page size:

Again, you must select the whole diagram and adjust its position relative to the grid lines:

Your model almost fits on a single page, although there are still elements crossing the grid line. You can move them to another printout page.

Just select all the elements that still overlay the grid (use the Select area tool for that):

and move them to the right to fit on another printout page:

Now, you’re done! Your diagram will be divided into two output pages and nothing will be cut off or split into pieces.

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