Now, we're going to see how entities look in Vertabelo and try to create an example entity – for a shop's products. What we need to know is:

  • Identifier.
  • Category it belongs to.
  • Stock keeping unit.
  • Name.
  • Price.
  • Description.
  • Image.

Add new entity

To add a new entity, click on the Add new entity button or press 4 on your keyboard, and then: click wherever in the modeling space.

Add new entity button

... or add entity from the Model Structure panel:

Model structure panel

Entity's properties

Click on the newly-created entity, and in the right panel, you'll be able to type in the name for it – product.

Right panel


Then in the same panel, you have the Attributes section in which you're able to add attributes. Just click on the + Add attribute button.

The attributes section

You may keep on click the + Add attribute button or you may simply press the down arrow on your keyboard to create a new row for a new attribute. Each row consists of those fields:

  • Name.
  • Datatype with types menu available after clicking on the gear icon ( ).
  • Checkbox for Mandatory.
  • Checkbox for Primary Identifier.
  • The drop-down icon opening additional options.
  • The 'x' icon deleting the attribute.

Available data types

If you click on the icon, a pop-up with available types will show up.

Available data types

Copying columns between entities

To copy some attributes from one entity to another, open the Attributes section in the right panel for the first entity, and click on the dragging button to select a column. You may select a few of the attributes by using Ctrl (Cmd) and or Shift keys.


When you've selected all the attributes you wanted simply copy it by pressing Ctrl+C (or Cmd+C).

Selected attributes

Click on the entity you want to add the copied attributes, and paste them by pressing Ctrl+V (or Cmd+V). As you can see, the copied attributes were pasted:

Pasted attributes


As you've already seen the primary identifier can be easily set in the Attributes section. If you want to do more with them, use a proper section:

Attributes section

You may, for example, add more attributes to the primary identifier, or add additional identifiers.


You may also change the colors of the entity using the predefined palette or by typing in the hex code of the color, and you may lock its size.

Format section

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