Author: Gustavo du Mortier

Gustavo du Mortier is a functional and data analyst at MasterSoft, an Argentinean software company specializing in ERP and healthcare solutions. He’s written many books and articles on different aspects of programming and databases. In his spare time, he plays guitar and helps his two sons build and enhance their gaming co

Top Database Design Books in 2021

You won’t go wrong with any of the titles reviewed here, provided you pick one according to your level of expertise. Database design began circa 1960, with the creation of the first database management system (DBMS). Since then, hundreds of books have been written and published on how to design effective and efficient databases for storing and retrieving information. There are all kinds of them: academic textbooks, books for a specific database product, introductory books for people outside the world of computers, among others.

Vertabelo Feature: Live Model Validation

A data model is more than just a pretty drawing that impresses users and stakeholders. When you add model validation to the design process, your data model can save you many hours of database-related work. When you design a data model, your ultimate goal is for the model to become a functional database. However, your model is basically a drawing, while the database is a not-so-flexible structure that holds information.