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How to Export an SQL Server Database Schema Into a Diagram

If you have a database in SQL Server, you can generate its database diagram to visualize your data. Better yet, you can export your database as an SQL DDL script and use it to create a data model in Vertabelo where you can process it further. Read on to find out more. In this article, we review how to export SQL Server database schema into a diagram. First, we walk through how to create a database diagram in SQL Server, either for the entire database or for specific schemas of the database.

How to Create a Database Diagram in SQL Server

Learn how to create a database diagram using a data modeling tool for SQL Server. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most popular database management systems (DBMS) among database developers. It’s used by many large organizations for a variety of databases. So, it is worth learning how to create a database diagram in SQL Server. A perfect database starts with a great database model. If the database is a skyscraper, the data model is the foundation.

How to Export an SQL DDL File From SQL Server Management Studio for Reverse Engineering

Keep your database secure and up to date by deconstructing your database to extract and update its design. In this article, we show you how to export an SQL DDL file from SQL Server Management Studio, that is, export your SQL Server database in the form of an SQL script, and import it into Vertabelo. Also, you'll learn about the Vertabelo Reverse Engineering tool to export your entire database into an XML file and import it into Vertabelo for further processing.

Database Constraints in SQL Server and How to Model Them in Vertabelo

Database design – including where and how to use constraints – is essential to the correct function of your database. To properly implement database constraints in SQL Server, you must understand all the requirements and execute them accordingly. How would you do this? This article will explain it in detail! To design your database, you need a database blueprint, database constraints, indexes, database design software like Vertabelo – and more.

What’s the Best ER Diagram Tool for SQL Server?

Are you working on an SQL Server database project? Read this article to learn about the perfect SQL Server ER diagram tool. SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft Corporation. It allows database developers to build desktop and web-based database applications. In addition, many IT professionals (including Database Architects, Software Engineers, CTOs, etc.) and semi-professionals (including university students) use SQL Server modeling tools. So, let’s learn about the best SQL Server ERD tools and their features.

Database engine usage by Vertabelo users

The Vertabelo journey continues … We now have almost 10,000 users and the number of Vertabelo advocates keeps growing strong. Vertabelo users come from over 100 countries and speak various languages. What unites them? The relational database. Let’s see what relational databases they use: We wanted to determine the most popular database engine among Vertabelo users based on one of three widely-used operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

SQL Performance Explained – the must-read book

Some time ago, the Vertabelo Team participated in the PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2013. Some of the talks were really nice. One of them stuck in my head for quite a long time. It was Markus Winand’s lecture titled “Indexes: The neglected performance all-rounder.” Although I had had a solid background in databases, this 50 minutes long talk showed me that not everything concerning indexes was as clear to me as I had thought.

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