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Database engine usage by Vertabelo users

The Vertabelo journey continues … We now have almost 10,000 users and the number of Vertabelo advocates keeps growing strong.

Vertabelo users come from over 100 countries and speak various languages. What unites them?

The relational database.

Let’s see what relational databases they use:

We wanted to determine the most popular database engine among Vertabelo users based on one of three widely-used operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS.

Guess what we find out?

Among all supported popular databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQlite, Oracle, IBM DB2, HSQLDB), MySQL and PostgreSQL take the lead in the database world as the preferred database engines. Microsoft SQL Server is chasing after them, having a strong position among Windows users even though it’s not on top. For both Windows and Mac OS, MySQL was the most used database engine; however, for Linux, PostgreSQL rules.

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