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Export SQL DDL From MySQL Workbench for Importing Into Vertabelo

Do you have an existing database model you would like to work with in Vertabelo? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, you learn how to export a DDL file from MySQL Workbench and import it into our modeling tool. We also take a look at other ways to import an existing database schema into Vertabelo and organize existing tables. How to Export a DDL File From MySQL Workbench First, let's see how to export an existing database.

How to Export an SQL DDL File From SQL Server Management Studio for Reverse Engineering

Keep your database secure and up to date by deconstructing your database to extract and update its design. In this article, we show you how to export an SQL DDL file from SQL Server Management Studio, that is, export your SQL Server database in the form of an SQL script, and import it into Vertabelo. Also, you'll learn about the Vertabelo Reverse Engineering tool to export your entire database into an XML file and import it into Vertabelo for further processing.

Reverse Engineering With Vertabelo

Learn how to import your database into Vertabelo and generate its data model with our improved reverse engineering feature. We’re excited to announce the release of a new version of our popular reverse engineering tool. You've been asking for a user-friendly interface, and we heard you. If working with Java is not your thing, our new graphical user interface lets you click through the process in no time.  Download the upgraded reverse engineering tool here.

How to filter tables in the Vertabelo reverse engineering tool

Sometimes you don't want the reverse engineering tool to extract all of the tables in your database. For example, the database may contain technical tables which are logically are not part of the model. This is when the -regexp option comes in handy. Use the -regexp option and the tool will extract all tables and views with names matching the regular expression. The tool prints the regular expression it uses so you can verify that your shell parsed the expression correctly.

New Feature: Photo Reverse Engineering

We're happy to announce that Vertabelo has a new feature we've been working on for some time: Photo Reverse Engineering. This is the quickest way to transfer your hand-written design sketches into Vertabelo. Draw your model on a piece of paper, a whiteboard, or a blackbord, take a photo, upload it into Vertabelo and you're done: your model is in Vertabelo. How it works Draw your model on a board, or a piece of paper.

WordPress Database Finally Unveiled!!!

Sorry for that tabloid title, but I couldn’t resist. I’m going to show you how to view the database design of other people’s systems. It will work for legacy systems as well. Of course, you may call show tables and describe table in the database console but that’s a very rudimentary way to examine the structure. You’ll miss a bird’s eye view of the design which is crucial to understanding a system as a whole.

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