Author: Dominika Florczykowska

Dominika is a Python software developer. She graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology with a degree in computer science. At Vertabelo, she creates content as a technical writer. In her free time, she runs, practices yoga, and learns foreign languages.

How to Tag a Version of Your Data Model

How can you track versions of your data model in Vertabelo? The easiest way is to use the Set tags feature. A tag is a label that corresponds to a specific version of the model. Tagging makes it easier to keep track of the changes made over time. It also makes going back to a past version easier. Here is how to assign a tag to a model version in Vertabelo:

How to Remove a Sequence in Vertabelo

Have you ever wondered how to remove a sequence in Vertabelo? It’s very easy! Open the model. On the left, under Model Structure, find Sequences and click the + button next to it to see the available sequences. Right-click on the name of the sequence that you would like to remove. Click Delete sequence. The sequence is removed!

How to Copy a Column in Vertabelo

How can you copy a column from one table to another in your data model? In Vertabelo, this can be done very easily. Open the model and select the table with the column(s) you want to copy. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the Table properties menu with all the columns listed. On the left of each column’s name, there is a column selector. Click on the selector(s) of the column(s) you want to copy.

How to Format an Entity/Table in Vertabelo

Sometimes you want to change the appearance of the entities or tables in your data model. Here is how you can do it in the Vertabelo database modeler. First, open the model that contains the entity or table that you want to modify. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the Table properties menu – scroll down and click Format. The format menu will appear. To change the table background color, click on the color field under Fill color.