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Top 21 Database Modeling Interview Questions for 2023

Applied for your dream job as a data modeler? You now need to get ready for the interview. We have a list of the most common data modeling questions, grouped into theoretical questions, basic technical questions, and advanced technical questions. Go to the interview well-prepared. The need for organizations to collect and interpret large volumes of information is constantly growing. Meeting this need requires well-designed data models for agile and efficient databases.

What is the Difference Between a Database Designer and Data Analyst?

Database designers work with data structures and data flows, while data analysts extract insights from huge amounts of data. Both careers have similarities and differences, and pros and cons. Read along to decide which one is the best fit for you. Do you like data, but find it hard to decide how you prefer to work with it? You have (at least) two paths to choose from: be the one who designs the structures to store and process the information, or be the one who analyzes large volumes of data in order to extract the truths hidden in them.

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