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Now You Can Print a Diagram

We hadn’t planned on adding a feature to print diagrams. Our original idea was that Vertabelo would supersede paper diagrams. Nevertheless, some of our users pointed out that they rely heavily on printouts (Export to PDF topic). So, I’d like to announce a new feature called “Export to PDF” also known as “Printing.”

Note that exporting a database model to a PDF file is available for Premium and Team account plans only (see the comparison of the plans’ features in our Pricing).

Here is a quick overview of this new feature.

  1. There is a new “printer” icon on the toolbar. Click it:

  2. You’ll see the progress bar:

  3. And finally you’ll get a PDF output file of your database model:

  4. You can open the file in any available PDF reader:

  5. You can customize your printout. Click on the diagram background. On the right, you’ll get the “Model details” panel. The “Format” section contains some basic formatting options.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions or ideas please share them on our Support page.

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