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How to Color ERD Diagrams in Vertabelo

If you’ve ever had to design a database model with hundreds of tables, views and references, you know very well how difficult is to make such huge diagram readable and comprehensible. One of the possible solutions is to use some colors to distinguish different groups of tables or subject areas. See how Vertabelo allows you to do this quick and easy.

To illustrate how you can color your entity relationship diagram to increase its readability, we will use a sample uncolored database model for a simple online store:

To change the color of one table, follow these steps.

  1. Select the table you want to color by clicking inside the table:

  2. Go to the Format section in the Table properties panel on the right:

  3. Click the Fill color or the Line color input to expand the color selector. Alternatively, you can type a hexadecimal value into the field:

  4. The selected table has changed its color to the one you chose:

  5. The same way, you can change the color of any table in your model. The final result may look like this:

You can also change the color of subject areas.

  1. Just select the subject area you want to color:

  2. Then pick up the color from the palette:

  3. Now, your subject area is colored:

  4. The final appearance of the model may be as follows:

You’re done!

Note, that you can also change the line style and line color, as well as the color of the subject area’s name. Moreover, this also applies to the colors of views and other objects in the diagram.

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