Author: Katarzyna Piskała

Katarzyna has a Master’s degree in Mathematics. At Vertabelo Academy,, and, she creates and improves programming courses. She also helps users of these sites to improve themselves. In her free time, she loves traveling, dancing, and teaching.

How to Import an Existing Database into Vertabelo

Find out how to easily import an existing database into the Vertabelo data modeler. If you're reading this article, you probably know you need to import your database into Vertabelo. Or maybe you’re wondering if you should do it. Here are some reasons that can convince you if you’re hesitating. And we’ll also explain how to import a database into Vertabelo. Why Import an Existing Database into Vertabelo? 1. You'd like to analyze the database structure.

How to Generate a SQL Script in Vertabelo?

Find out how to generate a SQL DDL script using Vertabelo and what this script does. You probably already know what ER diagrams are. If you're not sure, you can find out here. You can create ERDs easily in Vertabelo. But did you know that Vertabelo can also generate a SQL DDL script from your physical ER diagram? Of course,  you first need to create a physical diagram. Once your ER diagram is ready, you can create a DDL (Data Definition Language) script.

How to Change the Diagram Notation Used in Vertabelo

Learn how to change ER diagram notation in the Vertabelo database modeler. Vertabelo supports many different ER diagram notations. The default notation (and the most popular) is the Information Engineering (IE) notation, which you may know as crow’s foot notation. Vertabelo also supports UML and IDEF1X notation for logical diagrams, and UML, IDEF1X and Barker’s notation for physical diagrams. In this article, you'll see how to change your ERD notation in the Vertabelo modeler.

What Are the Symbols Used in an ER Diagram?

Find out what symbols are used in the Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) and what they mean. The most popular notation in ER diagrams is the Information Engineering (IE) notation, also called crow’s foot notation. This is the default ER diagram notation used in Vertabelo. There are a few standard symbols used in logical and physical ER diagrams, and some useful additional non-standard symbols that you can use in Vertabelo. We’ll discuss them in this article.

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