Author: Jayadevan Maymala

Jayadevan Maymala loves words and data. He has worked with relational databases since 1999 and is the author of PostgreSQL for Data Architects. Currently a freelance database consultant, he lives in the beautiful state of Kerala, India with his wife and two kids. In his free time, he reads, solves Sudoku, and tries to play the flute

What Is a Database Modeling Tool?

Why are database modeling tools so important? What data modeling features should you look for? Get the answers here. A database modeling tool helps users capture and explain a domain – i.e. the entities, attributes, relationships between entities, and any rules that apply to the entities and attributes.  That, of course, is the most basic feature. Most data modeling tools provide many more features. Imagine that you’ve joined a project where the database design process has just begun.

OLAP, OLTP, ETL and More: What You Need to Know About Data Warehouses

A data warehouse is a system that uses different technologies – including relational databases – to enable analytical reporting, which aids in tactical and strategic decision-making. Learn about all the key concepts of data warehousing in this article. Understanding how a data warehouse (DWH) works means more than just understanding the database designs for that DWH. You also have to understand online analytical processing (OLAP) and online transaction processing (OLTP) systems and extract-transform-load (ETL) procedures.

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