Author: Grzegorz Kaczor

CTO at e-point International

7 Common Database Design Errors

Why Talk About Errors? Model Setup 1 – Using Invalid Names 2 – Insufficient Column Width 3 – Not Indexing Properly 4 – Not Considering Possible Volume or Traffic 5 – Ignoring Time Zones 6 – Missing Audit Trail 7 – Ignoring Collation Why Talk About Errors? The art of designing a good database is like swimming. It is relatively easy to start and difficult to master.

A Book Review

Book and Author Importance of Data Model Quality Takeoff Checklist Merciless Review Merciless Humiliation? Is it Agile? Conclusion Book and Author Today I’m going to review “A Check List for Doing Data Model Design Reviews” by Kent Graziano. This publication is available as an e-book on The book is very short – it will take you less than an hour to read it. But don’t let the small volume mislead you.

Testing Support from the Database Level

Testing is difficult. Good database design may make it more efficient and more easily applicable. It may help detect regression – a situation when a working code breaks due to some apparently unrelated change to the code. You cannot always afford comprehensive regression testing of your system. But what you usually can afford to do is to implement a repeatable process for build and automated testing of your system.