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How to Collaborate Effectively in Vertabelo

Learn how to use Vertabelo's features to collaborate effectively on database models and documents. In the post-pandemic world, effective collaboration on database modeling is of the essence. Database developers and data modelers must work together on developing data models and writing SQL queries, functions, procedures, and more. Every substrate of software engineering is becoming more collaborative by the day, and database development is no different. Teams cannot function properly to deliver results if they are not using the right tools.

What Are the Roles in the Vertabelo Team Account? What Can Each Role Do?

Are you working on a team data modeling project? Find out about Vertabelo’s team account and how it can help you collaborate on a database model. Collaborating on database models, especially remotely, is challenging enough. Why pay for separate user accounts? In this article, we’ll explain Vertabelo’s new team account, its user roles, and its benefits. The Vertabelo team account makes collaboration on database models easier and more efficient. Let’s see why.

Upcoming Changes in Vertabelo Team Account

We listened to your feedback and improved managing Vertabelo team accounts. No more confusing switching back and forth between personal and team accounts. And since Vertabelo is all about modeling, we couldn’t stop ourselves from using database models to explain the upcoming changes. In the next couple of days we will introduce major changes to the way we handle Vertabelo team accounts. After the changes are implemented, each user account will either be a personal account or be a member of a team account.

How do I pay for a company account after the trial period ends ?

If your 14 days company account trial period is going to end and you want to continue using the company account, there is an easy way to set up a monthly subscription for the appropiate number of users. In the Company menu click on Payments. In the Account plan section, click the Change account plan button. Pick the number of user accounts and enter a promotional coupon code if you have one.

How do I create a company account ?

If you need many accounts for your employees and don't want to pay for each account separately, create Vertabelo company account. A company account enables model sharing, inviting people, working on a model at the same time, and paying for group of workers. If you already have an individual account, set up a company account. In addition, a company account has all of the features of an individual Premium account (unlimited number of tables/models), extended with: ability to manage users/teams.

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