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How do I pay for a company account after the trial period ends ?

If your 14 days company account trial period is going to end and you want to continue using the company account, there is an easy way to set up a monthly subscription for the appropiate number of users.

In the Company menu click on Payments. In the Account plan section, click the Change account plan button.

Payments section

Pick the number of user accounts and enter a promotional coupon code if you have one.

Change account plan

Then, add billing data for the company account. The data you enter will appear on your invoice.

Billing data

Click Save after entering your data to change your account plan.

Change account plan confirmation

Click OK, The Payments page appears, displaying details about your current account plan You can change your billing data in Billing info section any time you want.

Your subscription will be renewed automatically.

Account plan

At any time you can increase or decrease the number of users in your company. To do that, go to Payments. In the Account plan section, click Change account plan.

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