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1000 users and growing strong!

It's already been 100 days since we launched Vertabelo and there are already 1000 satisfied Vertabelo users. Thank you for your trust and interaction! 

What did our journey look like?  

We had 18 years of experience in building big business applications. We knew that existing tools for designing databases didn't match the demands of the current digital world, so we took up the challenge to create a tool which supports collaboration and distributed teams, has a non-intrusive user interface, and enables you to work from your web browser. We started in October 2013. 

Still in October we sponsored one of the biggest Java developers' conferences in Poland where we asked participants what database engines they use. We decided to support all the most popular database engines.

In an effort to share and exchange knowledge with our users we started the Vertabelo blog and a series of tutorials called "Vertabelo Database Academy".

We highly appreciate feedback from you, our valued users. You suggested some new features for Vertabelo and we listened! We implemented many user requests, such us: Inclusion of Views, Reverse Engineering Functionality and MS SQL Server Support. Further enhancements are on our roadmap. First up, we’re going to enable importing a database model from SQL DDL files. Soon you will also be able to generate SQL migration scripts between different model versions.

...and the journey continues  

 Stay tuned!

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