Author: Zahin Rahman

Nuclear Engineer by day and Data Scientist by night, Zahin is passionate about driving business with data. He has 5+ years of industry experience in energy and power generation and has a master’s degree in Engineering with a focus in Data Science. He loves learning, whether from an industry veteran or a high school science enthusiast.

How to Draw an ER Diagram Online

In this article, I will be listing some of the top tools for drawing ER diagrams online. Priority will be given to ease of use, user experience, and functionality. An entity relationship diagram, or ER Diagram (ERD), is a visual model of your database schema. It describes the database structure and helps conceptualize how pieces of data interact with one another across a robust database. To some extent, ER diagrams look like flowcharts; they show the database tables as rectangles, with connecting lines representing the relationships between tables through primary and foreign keys.

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