Author: Radu Gheorghiu

Radu loves working with SQL and anything data-related. He works as a full-time data engineer; in his spare time, he likes to put his data to work by building data pipelines and by training machine learning models to predict the best time of the day to drink his coffee. He also likes sharing his knowledge and helping others; so, to do that, he spends his time on StackOverflow and here on our blog.

What Is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)?

The relational database management system is the backbone of every database. No matter what relational database you work with, you’ll be using its RDBMS to interact with its data. What Does RDBMS Stand for? The acronym “RDBMS” stands for “relational database management system,” which is the part of the database that allows you to interact with the data. Sometimes alternate acronyms are used, especially “DBMS” in relation to a database that is not necessarily relational.