Author: Marian Dziubiak

Junior Technical Writer at Vertabelo

A Sports School Data Model

Team sports are very popular, especially among kids and teens. In this article, we look at a data model that can help run a sports school. Exercise helps us stay fit and healthy, but exercising by yourself can be boring. Unless you can motivate yourself, you might not get the exercise you planned. To stay fit, people of all ages join a local team and practice together. It’s much more fun!

Six Things You Need to Know About Securing Your Database

Whether you store secret government information or standard user data, you don’t want some unknown person to access to your database. Especially if they’re an evil hacker. So what can you do to protect your sensitive information? Lack of Security Is a Huge Problem Generally, people want to do the minimum. When they set up the database environment, they often forget about securing it. Or they rely on someone else to do it for them, as many MongoDB users did.

Running Microsoft SQL Server on Linux

If you were a fan of Linux and SQL Server, you basically had to have two operating systems at all times. But now, Microsoft has made a Linux version of their relational database management system. How does it work, and how well does it perform? Microsoft products used to be Windows-centric, but in recent years Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has started moving the company towards cloud-based and open-source projects and enabling their software to run on other platforms.