Author: Kiana Alessandra Villaera

Kiana is a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer who currently works as a Google BigQuery developer for Pointwest. When she’s not working, she’s passionate about video games and is an aspiring streamer. These days, she mainly streams Valorant, as she is an avid enthusiast of competitive first-person shooters.

How to Add References to ER Diagrams in Vertabelo

Adding references to your data model is essential to maintaining clarity. A Quick and Easy Introduction to Entity Relationships In data modeling, defining relationships between tables/entities entails using a certain notation to indicate the cardinality between them. This applies to both logical and physical data models. Cardinality refers to how many instances of one entity are related to the other entity. For example, a database that keeps track of orders on an e-commerce website likely has customer and order entities.

What Is Data Modeling?

Have you ever wondered how data modeling works? Data modeling is the process of creating a data model. A data model can be thought of as a blueprint that describes the structure and internal relationships in a database. It is meant to demonstrate how objects within the database interact with each other to fulfill the prescribed business logic. Since relational databases are composed of tables, a data model is a diagram that illustrates the relationship between these tables.

How to Add a Table to Your ER Diagram in Vertabelo

Find out how to add a table to your ER Diagram in Vertabelo. A table in a database is where some data about something is stored and organized logically in rows and columns. The columns in a table represent data and its types. For instance, a database for an e-commerce website would likely have a client table where data about each client is stored. It will very likely have a name column of type string.

How to Print Your Vertabelo Database Model

Find out how to format and print your Vertabelo ER diagram. You have successfully designed your ER diagram! Now what? The answer is simple.You’ll probably need to share your design with collaborators and stakeholders. This can be done one of two ways: either you share the link or you print the diagram on paper and share it personally. You are also going to have to keep your database model well documented, so it’s best to save both a virtual and a physical copy.

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