Author: Dorota Wdzięczna

Data Science Writer at Vertabelo

A Language School Database Model

Knowing a foreign language is an important skill, especially in a global economy. In this article, we look at a data model that can help run a language school. Learning a language can be challenging, but enrolling in a language school should be easy. You can enroll at the school itself, or you can use an online form. In this article, we’ll examine a data model that allows for online registration as well as other functions common to language schools.

Using Vertabelo’s SQL Script Editor

Vertabelo’s new SQL Script tool lets you write and save SQL scripts and run them against a connected database. Creating an SQL Script Start by clicking on the Create Document button. It’s the first one on the main toolbar. The New Document window appears. Now select SQL script and click on the Create button. The New SQL script window will be displayed. Name your script using the Name field and click the CREATE button.

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