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Pitfall in Oracle Database: An Empty Text Stored as Null

I like Oracle database. It is efficient, easy to use for beginners and professionals – its tools for query analysis and optimization are masterpieces. But it has a very annoying “feature” – empty text (containing 0 characters) is stored in the database as null. Where did such a feature come from? Probably from the ancient ages, just after the dawn of time, i.e., the late 70's [1]. In that age, memory (RAM and disks) was very limited and system designers did their best to use as little memory as possible.

Why Doesn’t SQL*Plus Execute My Script?

The question: Why doesn’t my script create tables? The other day I was testing Oracle SQL scripts generated by Vertabelo. Roughly, this is the code that was generated: ... -- Table: book CREATE TABLE book ( id integer NOT NULL, title varchar2(120) NOT NULL, isbn varchar2(15) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (id) ) ; ... I used sqlplus to execute my script and see if it’s correct. sqlplus (database-details) The script run without errors but the tables where NOT created.