Managing your models


The dashboard is the starting point for every Vertabelo user. Navigation panels will send you to various management options.

Top menu

Dashboard menu

Top menu comprises several useful links.

  1. You can always click the logo or the Dashboard button to go to that page.
  2. My account navigates to current account and subscription details.
  3. Recommend us will allow you to take part in loyalty programme.
  4. Add-ons provides set of additional tools.
  5. Help lets you to browse through documentation and other resources.

Account name and notification icon

Dashboard account information and notifications

There is your account name on the top-right side. Click the balloon icon to list recent notifications. The last button will log you out of service.

List of models

Dashboard list of models

The main element of the dashboard are the lists of models. List looks alike for the team accounts. There are Create new model button and (optional) Recover deleted models link. See sections below to know more.

Dashboard list of models

Every entry of the list below buttons provides two buttons. Preview button will present current version of the project. Details will navigate you to Model details page (jump to Model details).

Model creation

Click the ‘˜Create new model’ button in the dashboard to start new project.

Creating new model

Model name

This is the name visible on list of models, renders etc.

Database engine

Database engine, including version. This affects project properties, e.g. available data types.

Initial model

Starting point for new project. You can choose empty model, example diagram or import custom data.

From SQL

Model creation - import SQL file

Creates database from SQL file.

Note: This feature is unavailable in the free plan.

From Vertabelo XML

Model creation - import XML file

Create project using exported XML file. See Export to XML.

Model recovery

Dashboard model recovery link

Click ‘Recover deleted models’ link next to model creation button in the dashboard. (Link will be visible only if you have any models that can be recovered).

Model recovery

Click ‘Recover model’ button in row of particular model. One will be recovered will all properties and change history.

Model details

Model details

Basic properties

Details - basic properties

The top left area lists essential information about your model, including name and the description you can change by clicking the pencil icon. Properties list comprise more data: database engine, creation and modification date, user role and option to create public sharing link.


Right column lists possible actions to take regarding current model.


Link to the editor, so you can start editing the project.

Generate SQL

Details - generate SQL script

Here you can export SQL file to create the project structure in your database. Choose query type and which elements to export, then click the ‘Generate’ button. Ready-to-download file will appear.

Export to image

This option will create image based on the prepared model and open it in new tab/page.

Note: That feature is unavailable in the free plan.

Export to XML

Just click the button and you will download project copy in XML format. Import from XML

Import from XML

Details - import from xml file

This option lets you to import XML copy of the project or import existing database using Reverse Engineering tool. Just drop your XML file inside the window and click ‘Import’ button. Confirmation bar appears.

Import from SQL

Details - Import from SQL

This option imports project from SQL file, e.g. generated by Vertabelo. Just drop your SQL file inside the window and click ‘Import’ button. Confirmation bar appears.

Note: That feature is unavailable in the free plan.

Clone model

Details - clone model

When you click this option, Vertabelo will clone current project and redirect to its details page. Confirmation bar appears.

Note: That feature is unavailable in the free plan.

Delete model

This option deletes the model. If you clicked it accidentally – don’t worry! You can recover deleted model in 30 days before they get inaccessible.

Additional properties

Details - additional properties

In this section you can set various properties of the model. Remember to click the ‘Save’ button.



This section of model details enables to share project with other users. Currently model is not shared. To start sharing, click the ‘Share model’ button.

Sharing - share form

Enter recipient email address and choose one of roles:

  • Owner: full access
  • Editor: access without managerial permissions
  • Viewer: preview only

You can also add text message. Click ‘Send invitation’ button to share.

Sharing - share model confirmation

When users accepts your invitation, they gain access to shared model.

Sharing - shared models