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How to Get an Academic Account in Vertabelo

Vertabelo has three types of paid accounts for businesses and professionals to choose from: Basic, Premium, and Team. We also offer a free Premium-level account for students and teachers called the Academic account. It’s part of our commitment to support the education community.

Access to an Academic account enables both students and teachers to use Vertabelo for relevant courses, tests, demos, etc. without any cost.

How do you know if you’re eligible for an Academic account? Vertabelo whitelists institutions that are eligible for Academic accounts. Institutions with .edu and .ac domains are automatically added to the whitelist. Any other institutions will need to be whitelisted.

If you are a student signing up using an .edu or an .ac email address, you’ll automatically be eligible for the account. If you are signing up with an email from another domain, you will need to provide additional proof (such as a scan of your student ID card) to get your institution whitelisted for Academic account eligibility.

If you are signing up as a teacher or a lecturer, you can either provide a scan of your teacher/lecturer ID card or provide a link to your school’s website listing you as a faculty member. Your official email address should be mentioned on the linked page.

Academic account users can access all the features in a Vertabelo Premium account. This means you can create up to 20 data models and 100 tables per model. Once you sign up, though, you can use this account only for educational purposes.

Create an Academic Account

To create an Academic account, scroll to the end of the Pricing page. You will see the following signup option:

How to Get an Academic Account in Vertabelo

Alternatively, you can log on to the Vertabelo Academic account signup page directly. Doing this will lead you to the following page, where you’ll be asked to enter your details. Make sure that you provide the correct information in the following fields:

  • First and Last Name: Your name should match the name on your ID card.
  • Status: Specify if you’re a teacher or a student.
  • Academic Institution: The full name of your educational institution.
  • Official Website: Vertabelo uses this to whitelist your institution's domain for Academic accounts.
  • Planned Graduation: The year and month of your planned graduation.
  • Email: The email ID assigned to you by your institution.
  • ID Card Scan: A clean scan of your student or faculty ID card.
How to Get an Academic Account in Vertabelo

Confirm Your Email

After filling in all the required information, click Create Account. Doing this will lead you to the Email confirmation page. Check your email for the confirmation code and enter the code here to activate your account. Without email confirmation, you will not be able to access your account.

How to Get an Academic Account in Vertabelo

Convert A Trial Vertabelo Account to an Academic Account

If you weren’t aware of the Academic account earlier and signed up for a regular trial account, you can convert your account to an Academic account. You will first need to close your trial commercial account. To do that:

  • Choose My account from the top menu.
  • Click Manage account plan.
  • Click Close account.
  • Confirm your action by clicking YES, I WANT TO CLOSE MY ACCOUNT.

Once you have closed your trial commercial account, you can register for an Academic account from the pricing page or the direct signup link.

Use Vertabelo for Educational Purposes

Data modelling is usually a collaborative activity. Thus, it is best to learn it collaboratively. Vertabelo enables students and teachers to share data models, ER diagrams, and database scripts for discussion, improvement, and learning. To share a model, right-click and choose Share. You’ll see the following screen:

How to Get an Academic Account in Vertabelo

You can use various Vertabelo features to learn and teach the concepts and principles of data modelling. For instance, you can:

There are many more usage examples on our blog. Plus, Vertabelo Drive will enable you to organize your data models based on classes, lectures, exercises, teams, and squads. You can learn more about these features in Vertabelo’s documentation.

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