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Vertabelo Advent Calendar

Tip #18: How to display all references between two tables Tip #9: How to create multiple references between two tables Tip #23: How to create a reference to an alternate key Tip #11: Vertabelo reports that my data type is not supported. What can I do? Tip #7: How to include comments in SQL script Tip #1: How to move a column up or down Tip #22: How to identify problems with my model Tip #3: How to copy tables between models Tip #14: How to create a model preview link and embed the model in a website Tip #5: How to quote table names in generated SQL script Tip #16: Can I put the same table in the diagram twice? Tip #19: How to automatically download SQL script from Vertabelo Tip #17: Drag a table from the navigation tree and drop it in your diagram to create a shortcut Tip #2: Use keyboard shortcuts in Vertabelo! Tip #10: How to use a data type that isn’t listed in the data types panel Tip #13: How to export selected tables as an image Tip #20: How to configure Vertabelo printouts Tip #6: How to create a multicolumn primary key Tip #24: How to name a version of the model Tip #4: How to make a column unique Tip #12: The quickest possible way to create a new column Tip #21: How to quickly find a table in a diagram Tip #8: How to name a primary key Tip #15: How to visually group tables and organize large database models using subject areas

From today until Christmas Eve, we’re going to publish some tips & tricks for Vertabelo. Check our blog every day for a new one!

List of all available tips:

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