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Upcoming database conferences – September 2015

For almost any software developer, database designers or otherwise, events and conventions signify a variety of opportunities. Whether it’s keeping up with the latest patches and functions of a language or seeing how others handle the sort of problems they deal with, or maybe making business connections or just meeting like-minded people, there’s a lot to gain from assisting the right events.

In this article we’re going to mention some of the most important, worldwide events of the upcoming month which focus specifically on database modelling, design and administration.

For a more comprehensive list of data and database-related conferences for developers and software architects, check out our event calendar.

PostgresOpen 2015

PostgresOpen 2015

PostgresOpen is a non-profit, community-run US conference focused on business users, database professionals and developers of PostreSQL. This convention targets entrepreneurs, technologists and decision-makers in the area of data managements, open source database innovation and disruption of the database industry. PostgresOpen will feature multiple tracks of panels and lots of speakers.

Location: Dallas, TX, at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, 400 N Olive Street.

Schedule: September 16 to 18. Click here for full schedule.


Registration Fees: At this point the fee costs $550, and the tutorials are $200 per session.

My recommendations: This convention has a ton of panels of varied nature with very capable speakers, such as Grant McAlister, who has worked as a Senior Engineer at Amazon and as a Principle Consultant at Oracle, or Josh Berkus, CEO of PostgreSQL Experts, so it’s mostly up to each participant to see what they can get out of it. With that said, though, when it comes to PostgreSQL you can’t go wrong with Stephen Frost, who will be speaking in one of the opening panels, Hands-On Administration of PostgreSQL, explaining the setup and configuration process of a PostgreSQL database as well as several tips for database optimization and explanation of technical terminology. This panel will be featured on Sept. 16 from 9:00 am to 12:00 am.

The other panel that I wouldn’t miss is Becoming a SQL Guru, with Stella Nisenbaum. This panel will review some of the most advanced PostgreSQL functionalities to let people take full advantage of SQL’s great potential.

Percona Live Europe 2015

Percona Live Europe

Percona is a company that delivers enterprise-class software, support, consulting and database solutions across traditional and cloud-based platforms since 2006 and currently possesses a global network of experts with a staff of over 125 people, and since 2009 has organized a multitude of Conferences/Expos focusing primarily on MySQL.

The Percona Live Data Performance Conference is the premiere event for the rich and diverse MySQL, NoSQL and data in the cloud ecosystems in Europe. It’s a place for open source communities as well as businesses that thrive in the MySQL, NoSQL, cloud, Big Data and IoT (Internet of Things) marketplaces. It’s a place for DBAs, sysadmins, developers, architects, CTOs, CEOs and vendors from around the world.

Location: Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre at Piet Heinkade 11, 1019 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Schedule: September 21 to 23. Full schedule here.


Registration Fees: Education Registration for Conference & Tutorials (by Sep 21, 2015) – €500.00; Education Registration for Conference Only (by Sep 23, 2015) – €375.00; Tutorial Only Pass (by Sep 21, 2015) – €375.00; Single Day Conference Pass (by Sep 23, 2015) – €250.00.

My recommendations: Looking through the panels, one that really grabbed my attention was Performance Schema for MySQL Troubleshooting with Sveta Smirnova, who has worked as a MySQL Support Engineer since 2006, has worked in MySQL AB, Sun and Oracle and authored a book called MySQL Troubleshooting. The panel will be on September 23, from 11:20 to 12:10.

Another notable panel that many might find useful is Databases in the Hosted Cloud, with MariaDB specialist Colin Charles, about using cloud providers to host databases, on September 22 from 2:10 PM to 3:00 PM.

SQL Server Days 2015

SQL Server Days 2015

The SQL Server User Group Belgium, organizers of the event, created it with the goal of sharing their experiences, enthusiasm and knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server with the world, and invites IT-Pros as well as developers, technical and not technical people and generally everyone that would like to learn or share their experiences, ideas or knowledge about SQL Server.

Location: The San Marco Village NV, Boomsesteenweg 31, B-2627 Schelle in Belgium, Europe. About 20 minutes from Antwerp by car.

Schedule: September 28 – full day precon session; September 29 – conference sessions. Click here for full schedule.


Registration Fees: Right now the price for both the Preconference and the Conference is €350, while the Conference alone costs €150.

My recommendations: The conference offers lots of panels with as many levels of expertise in mind, so it’s kind of hard to recommend any in particular since people have different interests and the panels do all look fairly good.

With that said, however, the optimization freak in me highly recommends The Data Loading Performance Presentation with Matan Yungman on September 29 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, which promises to show many techniques for making the loading of massive data chunks into the database faster, better and with less of a pain.

Data Modelling Zone Europe 2015

Data Modelling Zone Europe

Data Modelling Zone (DMZ) is a large conference with plenty of top-notch speakers and workshops designed for data modellers, architects, analysts and aficionados in general.

Location: Ramada Hotel Hamburg Bergedorf, at Holzhude 2, 21029 in Hamburg, Germany.

Schedule: September 28 and 29. Full schedule can be found here.


Registration Fees: Normal fee is €900. Fee for Academics is €300 and €100 for students (VAT not included.)

My recommendations: Most definitely Making Your Unstructured Data Come Alive on September 29 from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The speaker, Bill Inmon, is a legend, and textual disambiguation could be one of the most useful tools of database engineers nowadays.

Another panel that I highly recommend is Data as a Service – Evolution, Architecture and Design Principles, on September 28 from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm, with Enterprise Data Expert Pushpak Sarkar for a deeper understanding of data as its own market, which is something that database modellers, architects and managers should certainly be interested in.

There’ll also be a couple of Data Vault panels, one intermediate and one advanced, with the creator of the model Dan Linstedt so if you have the chance and you’re a Data Vaults user you should definitely check out at least one of those.

Truthfully, though, I can’t really find any panels I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. This conference seems really fantastic for any database modellers out there.

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