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Upcoming database conferences – November 2015

As per every month, here’s the database modeling, design and administration events for November. This upcoming month will feature four big database conferences. Interestingly enough, three of them, in Germany, Brazil and San Francisco, will be focusing on PostgreSQL, so this is a good month of events for Postgres developers. The fourth one, All Your Base in London, will be a fairly encompassing one, focusing not only on the software challenges and solutions but also the human elements when it comes to working with databases.

For a more comprehensive list of November software events, check out our events calendar.

All Your Base 2015

All Your Base

All Your Base is a one-day conference on data and databases that has been celebrated yearly since 2012. The sessions are designed to be practical, relatable and inspirational, and to cover topics on different database technologies, both new and established, with panels for all levels of expertise.

Location: London, UK.

Schedule: November 13. Detailed schedule can be found here.


Registration: Standard tickets, before October 23, are £195. Late tickets, between October 24 and November 12, cost £195.

My recommendations: I’d look forward to Upgrade your database without losing your data, your perf or your mind with Production Engineering Manager for Facebook Charity Majors. This is a panel about the different problems and dangers that come with upgrading a database, the balance of risk against engineering effort, and how to safely execute challenging upgrades. Although there will be an emphasis on MongoDB and MySQL, the explained principles should apply to any database.

From antiquated to engineer: Today’s DBA also looks very important and helpful for understanding the database market and its current direction, as well as what it means today to be a database engineer. The speaker, Laine Campbell, has worked as a DBA and consultant for several different companies, among them Adobe and Disney Mobile, for over seven years.

PGConf Silicon Valley 2015

PGConf Silicon Valley

An event for the Silicon Valley PostgreSQL community as well as general database enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay area. This year’s conference will be themed around “High Performance & Scalability.”

PGConf Silicon Valley will feature a day of optional tutorials followed by a day of keynotes and six different tracks of panels, featuring leading PostgreSQL users and vendors as speakers.

Location: San Francisco, USA.

Schedule: November 17 and 18. Click here for detailed schedule.


Registration: Standard fees are $399 for conference only and $798 for conference and tutorials. Student fees are $299 for conference only and $598 for conference and tutorials.

My recommendations: Looking through the tutorials, Real-Time Analytics with PostgreSQL seems like a very useful and complete one, covering a number of methods and technologies for real-time metrics, dashboards and analytics. The speaker, Andres Freund, has worked with PostgreSQL since 2005, both as a developer and as a consultant. This will be featured on November 17 from 13:30 to 16:30.

Survival Guide to Terabyte PostgreSQL looks like a very good panel, about scaling PostgreSQL to Big Data and the advantages of using this DBMS for databases worth tens of terabytes of data. This will be featured on November 17 from 3:40 to 4:35, right after the afternoon break. Scott Milliken, the panelist, is a great enthusiast of pushing PostgreSQL to its limits, and his company, MixRank, processes petabytes of data in a monthly basis.

PGBR2015 (Brazilian PostgreSQL Conference)

PGBR2015 (Brazilian PostgreSQL Conference)

This is the most important event for the Brazilian PostgreSQL community, bringing together developers, users and researchers. It’s characterized by its wide programming of high-level technical talks and tutorials and its array of internationally recognized speakers.

This sixth edition of the event will feature real life cases in public and private companies, the new features of Postgres 9.5, monitoring techniques and performance tuning among other topics.

Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Schedule: November 18 to 20.

Website: (Portuguese) – (English)

Registration: Registration prices are quite varied depending on level of participation, amount of days and student and government discounts. The full list of registration fees can be found at here (Portuguese only).

My recommendations: While there isn’t, at this point, a list of panels or tutorials, there is a short list of speakers. The one that stood out the most for me is Oleg Bartunov, and I’d certainly be interested in what he might have to say. He is considered a major member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, having participated in its development and tuning since its origins back in 1996. Among other feats, he introduced locale support into Postgres, developed indexing frameworks (GiST, GIN and SP-GiST) and a number of popular extensions making him, without a doubt, a considerable authority when it comes to this DBMS.

Deutschsprachige PostgreSQL Konferenz 2015

Deutschsprachige PostgreSQL Konferenz 2015

The German-speaking PostgreSQL Conference is a space for the gathering of users, developers, contributors and decision makers, featuring a day of workshops and a day for the main conference, with 45 minute sessions. Although the name may suggest the opposite, the organizers accept submissions of talks not only in German but in English as well.

Location: Hamburg, Germany.

Schedule: November 26 and 27. Here’s a Workshops schedule.


Registration: The standard fee is €100, and the student fee is €20.

My recommendations: I’d go to the Tips and Tricks for Better PostgreSQL Performance workshop. It will feature a number of techniques for database tuning, optimization and maintenance which should prove useful to any Postgres modeler. The trainer, Sandra Wiecki, worked at Hewlett-Packard for 19 years, and currently works for EnterpriseDB as a technical account manager and PostgreSQL consultant. This workshop will be featured on November 26 during the morning.

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