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How to use promotional codes?

Here you find how to use our promotional coupon codes to buy our paid services. You can get promotional codes at developer conferences or similar events that we sponsor.

If you already have a Vertabelo account go to step 2.

1. Create Vertabelo account

If you don't have the Vertabelo account, please go to our simple registration form and fill in it. After clicking Create account button we will send you an email with confirmation link. You have to click this link to finish registration process.

Registration form

2. Login to Vertabelo

Login form

3. Go to My account module

My account module link is accessible from top main menu.

My account screen

4. Go to change account plan screen

In My account module you will find Change account plan button. Click this, you will be moved to change account plan screen.

Change account plan screen

Choose right plan for you (Professional or Enterprise) and enter promotional code to Promotional coupon code field. Then click Change plan button.

5. Provide your billing data

Fill in the billing data form. This data we will use for invoicing and further payments. Click the Next button.

Add billing info screen

6. Change account plan confirmation

Change account plan action is taken. You should wait for a moment. After sucessful account change you will see the following confirmation screen.

Change account plan confirmation screen

7. How do our payments work?

At first we charge you from the promotional coupon. If there is not enough money on the coupon we charge you from credit card.

Example 1: You provide $100 coupon code and you choose Vertabelo Professional Plan Monthly ($12 a month). First eight months you will be charged from the coupon only. In the ninth month we will charge you $4 from coupon and $8 from your credit card. In next months we will charge you $12 from credit card.

Example 2: You provide $100 coupon code and you choose Vertabelo Enterprise Plan Yearly ($399 a year). Just after subscription we will charge you $100 from coupon and $299 from your credit card.

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