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How to embed a database diagram on the Internet

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself: How should I share a new Vertabelo feature with you?

Should I write an over-hyped article full of industry jargon and marketing-speak?

Hmmm. Tried and failed.

I’ve just gotta show you the feature straight up and how simple it is to use. More meat, little fat, no fluff :).

Well tah dah! Here it is:

Go ahead, click on it. Use the mouse wheel to zoom. Drag to pan. Click on the logo make the diagram bigger.

Yes folks, this is a diagram that is embedded on the Internet. Just like any YouTube movie (without the crazy cats of course).

That way you can share your models with others. For example, you can insert the diagram into your blog article about web development or software architecture to show the readers the structure of your application’s database. Or, when you ask for help on a discussion forum, you can illustrate your database design issue by submitting a model to your post. From now on you don’t have to describe it. You can just show it. And the audience will love it!

So let’s see how to do it. Sign up, sign in & design the database. When you’re ready to publish your design there are just four simple steps:

  1. Go to your “Dashboard”:

    Click on the 'Dashboard' in top menu

  2. In “My personal models” section, find the database model you want to share, and click the “Details” button next to the model’s name:

    Click the 'Details' button

  3. You’ll see the model details page. Find “Public Link” section. Click the “Create” button:

    Create a public link to your database model

  4. Here you go. You can now share your model with the public. Copy & paste the link and send it to a friend or copy & paste the HTML code and put it on your blog or website. Just as I did.

    You can share a link to your database model or put the model on your website as an iframe

This feature is quite new and may or may not suit all of you. Drop me a note if you find something, hmmmmm, unexpected.

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