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Vertabelo Document Types

There are various document types in Vertabelo: folders, physical data models, logical data models, and SQL scripts. What do they do, and how can you tell them apart visually?

Go to your drive. In the right panel, you’ll find folders, which are designated by this icon . Folders can contain documents or other folders.

Vertabelo Document Types

Inside folders you can place: logical data models, physical data models and SQL scripts.

Logical data models include all entities and their relationships. They also show attribute optionality as well as relationship optionality and cardinality.

Physical data models represent how the objects should be implemented. They define specific tables, data types, views, indexes, and other database objects. They also include all table structures, e.g. columns, primary keys, and foreign keys.

SQL scripts are additional SQL scripts that you may want to keep in Vertabelo.

Vertabelo Document Types
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