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Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

A database specialist needs the best toolkit for designing databases. Developers use these tools through all stages of any database development project. Continue reading for more about the best database tools for SQL Server.

As databases have become essential in the modern era of technology, database development is now a vital aspect of software development. Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best-liked database management systems (DBMS) among database developers and plays a big part in this. So, you need a good set of database tools for SQL Server.

In this article, we discuss the 8 best tools: 4 data modeling tools for SQL Server, and 4 for creating, testing, and managing SQL Server databases.

The Best Data Modelers for SQL Server

Data modeling is analyzing, arranging, and presenting the data, its relationships, and other information. Standard notations are used to organize these aspects visually. A proper data model offers a blueprint when creating a new software system or modifying a legacy application. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the development.

Data models are used in all phases of database development, so it is critical to pick an appropriate data modeler. Our picks for the top SQL Server data modeling tools are below.

1. Vertabelo

Vertabelo is an online data modeler for SQL Server and other popular databases such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc. It lets you model data from scratch on any device, through all levels of data modeling: conceptual, logical, and physical. Vertabelo comes with collaboration and data-sharing options to support large database projects.

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

It simplifies the process by automating the creation of physical data models and DDL scripts from their early stages. Forward and reverse engineering are examples of the fabulous features of this tool. These options generate SQL scripts to add or remove database elements and to create a data model from an existing database.

The most important facet of this online entity-relationship diagram (ERD) tool for SQL Server is its clean, modern, and responsive user interface (UI). The tool also comes with standard notations such as Crow's Foot, IDEF1X, and UML.

Vertabelo validates your data model against the chosen database requirements. It has features like built-in version control, version control with GIT, text notes, and more.

2. Visual Paradigm

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

The online edition of Visual Paradigm lets you create various diagrams and collaborate virtually with coworkers. Many DBMSs, including SQL Server, are supported. It also provides a wide variety of common notations (like Crow's Foot) for creating your data model.

Two distinguishing characteristics of this data modeler for SQL Server are its Table Record Editor and Automated Model Transitor. Developers can add test data in Table Record Editor to better understand the data types to be used in a database. When building logical and physical models from prior iterations, Automated Model Transitor keeps traceability intact.

Visual Paradigm also generates DDL files from your physical model for your physical database. In addition, it can create SQL scripts for deploying fixes by comparing a physical database to its physical data model. It also includes reverse engineering, like other popular ERD tools.

3. Navicat

Navicat is an offline tool that comes in Windows, Linux, and macOS versions. This ERD tool for SQL Server supports data modeling with three popular notations: UML, Crow's Foot, and IDEF1X. Navicat also offers developers great features for creating logical and physical models automatically.

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

This ERD tool for SQL Server also has reverse- and forward-engineering features. In addition to SQL Server, the tool supports databases like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Redshift, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle. Also, its Export SQL functionality lets you create SQL scripts from your physical data model.

4. ER/Studio

ER/Studio also has a place in my favorite toolkit for SQL Server. It is an offline data architecture and ERD tool developed by IDERA, Inc. for Microsoft Windows users.

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

This data modeler for SQL Server also supports many DBMSs besides SQL Server, such as MySQL, Oracle, and DB2 DBMSs. Moreover, ER/Studio supports cloud services like Amazon RDS and S3, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service, etc.

You get a great environment with all the required notations to represent your data across the three levels of data modeling. ER/Studio checks normalization and compliance with the target database.

In addition to the automated feature for creating a physical model from your logical model, this tool also has forward- and reverse-engineering features to speed up your process.

The Best Tools for Creating, Testing, and Managing SQL Server Databases

The next step in your database development journey is creating, testing, and managing the database. Let’s review some of the best database tools for SQL Server for this next step.

5. SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is an integrated environment for connecting and managing SQL Server and Azure SQL databases. This database tool for SQL Server comes as an offline tool.

All components of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Synapse Analytics may be created, accessed, managed, configured, and administered by developers using SSMS. Also, this database tool lets developers modify elements of their databases graphically.

6. Azure Data Studio

For data professionals working with cloud and on-premises data platforms on Windows, Linux, and macOS, Azure Data Studio is an ideal cross-platform database application for SQL Server.

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

Database developers will love the fantastic features of its modern editor interface, such as IntelliSense, source control integration, code snippets, and an integrated terminal. Users of data platforms will find it most useful because it has built-in query result set charting and configurable dashboards.

Your on-site or cloud-based databases and data warehouses may be accessed, designed, and managed using Azure Data Studio.

7. SQL Fiddle

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

Testing your database is critical in the database development process. SQL Fiddle is a great online tool for testing SQL Server databases. You can share problems and solutions, test SQL queries, compare them against various database engines, and even switch between engines.

Each query in SQL Fiddle creates a unique URL that may be shared for further discussion with anyone or on Q&A websites like Stack Overflow.

8. SQL Online

Top 8 Database Tools for SQL Server

SQL Online supports SQL Server and other databases like SQLite, MariaDB, and Oracle. It provides test servers for you to run and test your SQL queries. You can connect to a remote database by selecting the Owner DB option and providing the required information.

This database tool can export your work to JSON, SQL, XML, and CSV and import from JSON, SQL, and CSV formats.

The Best Database Tools for Your SQL Server Toolkit

We have discussed a handful of database tools for SQL Server to use across your SQL Server database creation journey. The secret to successful project completion is to have the best toolkit with you, and that is also true for database projects.

Let’s take on your next SQL Server development project with the best toolkit!

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