Author: Rafał Strzaliński

Principal Engineer, Technical Team Leader at Vertabelo

Some bits about the Vertabelo user interface

I'd like to write something about the Vertabelo user interface. Don't really know what to cover in this article. A user manual for a rich GUI application is an oxymoron to me. No one reads it and no one should write it. On the other hand, it is too early to write about the libraries that we used. The time is needed to sum up the experience. So, I gotta share with you some inspirations how they affect Vertabelo.

WordPress Database Finally Unveiled!!!

Sorry for that tabloid title, but I couldn’t resist. I’m going to show you how to view the database design of other people’s systems. It will work for legacy systems as well. Of course, you may call show tables and describe table in the database console but that’s a very rudimentary way to examine the structure. You’ll miss a bird’s eye view of the design which is crucial to understanding a system as a whole.

How to Develop a PHP/MySQL Web Application for Mobile Customers Using Vertabelo and Other Cloud Services

I’m gonna show you how to develop a simple web application. From database design to deployment and finally some front end development. Everything will be made in the cloud. There will be no need to install anything on your laptop. Sounds like late night TV commercials? But it’s not :). Database Design Let’s start with the database design: Log in to Vertabelo. Sign up if you don’t have an account yet (you can use a free trial).

How to embed a database diagram on the Internet

So I’m sitting here thinking to myself: How should I share a new Vertabelo feature with you? Should I write an over-hyped article full of industry jargon and marketing-speak? Hmmm. Tried and failed. I’ve just gotta show you the feature straight up and how simple it is to use. More meat, little fat, no fluff :). Well tah dah! Here it is: Go ahead, click on it. Use the mouse wheel to zoom.

33rd Degree Conference

We're back to our quite chill office after attending the 33rd Degree Conference. I was wondering why they call it the 33rd Degree Conference. In three days, I had a chance to experience all 33 degrees ... in Celsius. It was hot - very hot! Even Californian iPads hung up (ha ha). This time, we brought along a smaller team: Ania, Jarek and me. All of us are heavily involved in Vertabelo, so I sometimes forgot that we also went to the conference to promote our company, e-point.